The escort industry has long since been linked with prostitution, this is something that there is no getting away from. The association comes because an escort can quite easily offer extra services to a client when they visit and use the pretence of simply been an escort to cover themselves.

The bottom line is that it is very easy for woman to say that they spend time with men for money and that they then sleep with them for free, this makes a very complex legal situation without much thought that really does take some cracking.

When we talk of high class escorts who charge upwards of £1k per hour you have to question what the client is actually getting for that money. While “the girlfriend experience” is well known and talked about the price alone raises some questions.

  • Why would anyone pay that much to spend time with a girl
  • What does a £1k a hour girl look like
  • What will you get for £1k per hour

In Hollywood and the celebrity culture £1k per hour is, if you believe the reports, more like a starting base rate rather than a premium! Where ever there is this much money changing hands in a glamorous environment human nature means that an interest peaks.

In an attempt to investigate this we are going to take a look at the “escort culture” in and around one of the UKs largest cities, Leeds.

There are a number of escort agencies in Leeds and, having reviewed the websites of these agencies it is obvious that they all offer the standard hourly rate that gets cheaper the longer you take and many of these also bottom out their lists with an “all night” rate.

The all night rate coupled with the imagery used on the website and the suggestive wording does really open up a lot to interpretation. If you read the content of these sites to the letter then they are all (very carefully) in the clear area, however, if the reader or potential client is reading between the lines then the suggestive language, pictures and overall feel of these websites really does point to one thing. The age old excuse/justification of spending time with men for money but sleeping with them for free makes the clear line of paid prostitution far more difficult to “catch”.

There are several documentaries you can watch online, see the sample below, which highlight the association between prostitution and the escort world:

To further this investigation we would need to step out of the world of Internet and website research and actually make contact with some agencies in Leeds to push the envelope a little further to see what we can find out.

Since making this post originally one such agency to stepped up and we now have someone to help up carry out a practical investigation. The UK renowned Leeds Escorts Agency, Secret City Girls. Watch this space for more progress and updates over the next few months!